Herbal Medicine

Supporting health
through the power of herbs

Why is herbal medicine important?

Herbs are the most accessible self care remedies available today. They are the solutions physicians have always used, and even today around the globe many thousands of doctors and other practitioners still regularly prescribe herbs to their patients. Herbs are very well suited to expert personalised health care, and were the basis of all systems of medicine until modern times. Indeed the classic traditional systems were largely framed by the innate qualities of plant medicines. A herbal practitioner identifies your signs and symptoms and then, following from a detailed conversation with you, clusters them into identifiable patterns. This then leads to a treatment plan and a selection of specific herbs and other life-style advice to form a treatment journey ahead. 

Anyone who finds that their healthcare situation is more complex or challenging for self care may find consulting a well-trained herbal practitioner very productive. In the hour or so of a first session it is very encouraging how a careful herb-based treatment plan can break through health logjams.

With regards to the huge increase in chronic disease precipitating the current health crisis that is stretching national budgets around the world needs addressing. The therapeutic gaps arising under the current medical paradigm need addressing and mounting evidence suggests that herbal medicine can contribute to many of the solutions.

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The essence of all Beings is Earth.
The essence of the Earth is Water.
The essence of Water is Plants.
The essence of Plants is Human Being.

Chandogya Upanishad