Sustainable Food Trust

We are very pleased to support The Sustainable Food Trust and their mission of accelerating the transition to more sustainable food and farming systems which nourish the health of planet and people.

The Sustainable Food Trust is a changemaker organisation, for very important and necessary reasons – our mission is to enable a radical transformation of our food and farming systems away from the present intensive and industrial models towards resilient and sustainable alternatives, designed to promote the health of our planet and its people. We believe we can best achieve this by working catalytically to unblock the key barriers to change. One of the greatest of these is the absence of true cost accounting, an approach which would ensure that in future the polluter pays, food pricing reflects the true cost of production, and farmers who are delivering public benefits are rewarded for their actions and practices. We are also working to unlock two other key barriers to change, the absence of an enabling policy environment, and public confusion about what they should eat to be sustainable and healthy.