Pesticide Action Network UK

PAN UK is the only UK charity focused solely on tackling the problems caused by pesticides and promoting safe and sustainable alternatives in agriculture, urban areas, homes and gardens. The organisation’s goal is to end pesticide-related harms to both human health and the environment, and to drive a transition to ecologically-sound and socially just alternatives.

While PAN UK also works internationally, Earthsong Foundation specifically supports their work in the UK. Through advocacy, policy, research, public campaigning and strategic communications, the organisation targets all of the UK’s key decision-makers on pesticides.

We are delighted to report that in 2022 alone, thanks to our donation and others, PAN UK’s Pesticide-Free Towns campaign inspired twenty-one local councils to move towards ending pesticide use in urban areas (taking the national total to 99 councils!). UK supermarkets have also taken a range of actions to tackle pesticide-related harms. In November, Tesco launched its much-improved new pesticide policy, banning 200 hazardous pesticides from use within its global supply chains. At the national-level, PAN UK continues to lobby the UK Government to ensure that the post-Brexit pesticide regime protects health and environment, and to prevent pesticide standards from being undermined by new trade deals. The organisation is also advocating for a strong package of support to help farmers to reduce pesticide use and adopt safe and sustainable alternatives.