Client Earth

Client Earth uses the power of law to create systemic change to protect people and planet, through launching legal interventions, strategic communications, and advocacy. Thanks to essential donations, such as from Earthsong Foundation, we’re delighted that Client Earth have been able to take some of their most ambitious actions to date.

In September, eight Torres Strait Islander people won their case against the Australian Government for breaching its human rights obligations through inactions on climate change, a world-first case that we are proud to have played a part in.  

Client Earth also won a case against the UK Government’s inadequate net zero strategy, which, as Client Earth lawyer Sam Hunter-Jones says, represents ‘a breakthrough moment in the fight against climate delay and inaction’.  

Currently Client Earth are taking petrochemicals giant INEOS to court against their new €3billion plastics project in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium.  

And after engaging with agriculture for several years, Client Earth launched their first piece of litigation in this sphere, taking legal action against Italian authorities to stop intensive hazelnut farming poisoning drinking water and damaging nature.  

As global problems require truly global solutions, Client Earth have continued to expand their reach, launching first-of-its kind litigation in the US, growing the team in Asia and scoping new cases in South America.