Earthsong lockdown music projects

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on music in schools. When children and Earthsong music lessons were allowed back into schools the power of music to bring healing and togetherness into fractured school communities became clear with both children and teachers loving the uplift that music brought back into the classroom.

Music is central to the recovery curriculum, playing a vital role in schools helping their students to explore and express the varied emotions and challenges that they will have experienced during the pandemic, building stronger relationships and communities within schools and with families. – ‘The Heart of the school is missing, music education in the Covid-19 Crisis’ by the Incorporated Society of Musicians

Although we weren’t able to run the programme for all the children in the lockdowns we were able to continue in some of the schools for children allowed to attend (such as the children of key workers).

The Bristol music trust at the Bristol Beacon have created a series of lesson plans and online music teaching videos available for all to share: