Nutrition for student mental health ‘Food for Mood’ project

As part of addressing student mental health issues we are supporting the National Centre for Integrative Medicine and Bristol University to deliver the ‘Food for Mood’ project, a programme aimed at educating students on the impact of food and nutrition on their health and wellbeing.

The 3-week course will be themed around stress, anger and irritability and exam season. Students participate in practical and interactive cooking sessions and talks from health and wellbeing experts. 

The course sessions will cover topics such as  sourcing healthy food, budgeting on a student grant, how to make time for food prep, personal food journeys and healthy snacks. They will also enjoy a delicious shared meal with instruction on how to prepare it as well as information on the food’s nutritional benefits with a focus on mental and emotional health. 

The courses are fun, interactive and informative – they aim to boost not only the students’ knowledge and skills on food but also their health, mood and general happiness. We’re looking forward to seeing happier, healthier students in Bristol!