Earthsong Start with Singing Bristol Project

I know first-hand from a lifetime of music just what joy it brings. It’s good for mental health, for learning, but most of all for the sheer enjoyment it brings to listen and to create. Every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and I’m thrilled that Bristol Music Trust and Earthsong are bringing this life-enhancing opportunity to thousands more of Bristol’s children and showing national leadership

Thangam Debbonaire, MP for Bristol West  

We are really excited to have partnered with Phil Castang and his team at the Bristol Beacon on this 5 year programme which was launched in September 2019 in 13 primary schools in Bristol. Earthsong  ’ Start with Singing ‘ takes Whole Class Ensemble Teaching WCET ( the government provision for music teaching in primary schools ) and reshapes it in ways we believe will lead to higher levels of musicianship and high continuation rates of music learning.

Devised by music practitioner Nonny Tabbush the programme begins in Key Stage 1 teaching the language of music through singing games in a whole class environment. Through singing, the children explore technical aspects of music such as pitch, timbre, and rhythm which gives them the musical confidence and understanding necessary for whole class instrumental sessions in Year 2 of the programme and a strong foundation for the next 3 years of small group instrument lessons. Continued Evaluation is taking place in alongitudinal study carried out by Sound Connections which tracks the impact of the programme on the musical development, confidence and social skills.